When a person's health condition is in the state of "Weak", it is so called "Unhealthy."

At this point, in general, the symptoms will emerge, but for some people, due to the differences of body condition, such symptoms do not immediately appear on your body, or occurr. When you are in the revitalising or nourishing process, or taking some of the more "Nutrient-Rich" foods, it will discharge such symptoms (toxins excreting), which shows that the person is in weak health. At this point, people will panic, fear, or thinking that the food is in doubt, prompted him to get this symptom. It is medically called "Recovery Crisis / Healing Crisis"

In fact, we are most afraid of, is not the occurrence of such incidents, but rather taking a product without knowing the exact details of it.  If you have confirmed the integrity and reliability of the products, it is then definately safe to consume, or use. If the product is good, then only the physical body condition that we should consider to look into.

If symptom occurs, but you are avoiding to recuperate (let it occurs, after a period of timeframe, it will stop or recover), simply saying, symptom will be "forced out", If nothing is done to recuperate or revitalise, symptoms will always lurk in the body, and one day it will incurr. At that time, symptoms may be maintained at the present level, or it may also exceed the extent of the current level, unpredictably.

I had a similar case. She was swollen and painful on her legs after taking SOUL. She actually had a similar symptoms, without prior notice, or acknowledgement, triggering a bad perception.

Just remember...there is no such as Miracle products, the Miracle is your body !!