Our upline, Mr Frank Tan - Diamond Elite

He was previously attached to Consumers Association of Penang (CAP), and  in fact he was exposed to many health problems & complaints which consumers faced, such as inferior of vitamin supplements, highly processed foods and various chemical polluted vegetables & fruits etc. He experienced & realised how hazardous our health, physically, mentally and environmentally, is.

He has gone through a very difficult time, mentally, physically and financially, when he had to nurse his elder bother, an athlete during school day, who has suffered from RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS & PSORIASIS for many years. He needed to nurse him from 6am through 7pm, for two years.

He realised the "Value of Health", from the bed-ridden brother and what he has experienced during the attachement in CAP. 

He became more aware of the importance of health and made himself a vegan, a real vegan without processed vegan products. He is highly alert & encouraging on Holistic Livestyling with Wholesome Food.

Coming along with his partner, Michelle Tan, with their sincerity, persistency and a positive mindset, they deserve what they are today. They help and share to people the Value of Health, through the fantastic Rains SOUL.

They always remind us to have a healthy livestyle and keep ourselves a clear positive mindset, conducting
the Rain business ethically and helping & sharing this opportunity we are having, to the needy and in return we gain what we deserve.

The word SINCERITY is what they present to us, the most precious gift we have ever recieved.

An appeal from Frank Tan ........
" Bible Hosea 4:6 says - 
our people are destroyed
because they are lack of knowledge.
Now we have such knowledge. 
Let's convey this knowledge to public,
to save the people, to save the world... "

Another word from Frank Tan.....
" While working in Consumer Association of Penang, we used to educate the public on choosing Organics ( dietary habit ) but
the responses we got is - it is expensive, it is for the rich, it is for the sick......
We never get one said -
it is for our children, it is for our health,
it saves the planet...."

Our upline, Ms Rachel Lim - Double Black Diamond 

Our Worldwide Leaders.....