"Health" actually resides naturally, but on account of the changing of time being, and modern technology advances, "Health" has evolved into a kind of "Dream or Goal", is no more a reachable target, you need time, spirit, energy and wills to "Achieve" it.

Due to the long period of time (it should be said that from the younger age ) that is lacking of nutrions intake (or eat), leading to a nutritional deficiencies in our body, and therefore, the body will start "borrowing / overdrafting" nutritional need from one of the common & normal source, Bones. Thinking that it will be re-paid to the Bones when there is an intake of such nutrients. Due to that we never intake any nutritional value diet (it is due to the modern way of diet and living), therefore, the bones never get its repay/return of its nutritional "loans", causing the Bones becoming fragile (osteoporosis), and fracture easily when there is only a normal fall. This is why elderly people, in general, need to pay special attention to their movement/walking, to prevent any accidental falls (even a common and normal falls). Just a common falls  may causing a serious fractures, or even a surgery, it is time-consuming and financial-consuming too.

Therefore we actually need to maintain a lifetime wellness (health). It is the best and recommended too to start this health maintenance from childhood (lifetime), to provide (supply or eat) the body, as well as mentally,  adequate nutritions and healthy foods.

If we have lived a long period of  irregular or unhealthy eating habits, it is the sooner the possible (and ideal) to change or correct the habits. Because the body has long been a lack of supply of nutrients (a healthy body), it is taking time and it will not be an overnight matter.

Fortunately we has met a FOOD that relieve, help and supplement. This is Rain International's "Seed Category" series.
With our advanced technology, but without departing from the concept of being a natural wholesome diet, we are proudly recommend you the Rain product series ( with SOUL as our pioneer). With the natural wholesome concept as our  marketing strategy, not being a genetically modified (GMO) on any ingredients, plus, having so many private and individual health standard bodies to certify and monitor our series, that is why we are so confident and rest assured to recommend you the Rain series.

We need to bear in mind, that Rain's products are not a "Processed", it's just a kind of "FOOD", not any Food but a "WHOLESOME FOOD". It is not either a food extraction (Singular Nutrients).

Since the modern dietary is not able to achieve an ideal health, therefore, we need to proceed for another form or way. That's why we refer you another way of diet, Rain's "Seed Category".

This "Seed Category" is not just another commercial seeds. It is an unique "SUPERFOOD". An example to you, Black Cumin Seed (Black Seed) in Rain's SOUL, from the ancient wisdom and knowledge further to the modern science and technology, this miracle seed is still being amazed of its nutritional potency (both discovered and not yet discovered). Another Rain's CORE ingredient is KALE (Green Herb). In a cup of kale contains 684% of vitamin K, 206% of vitamin A, 134% of vitamin C, and so on.

So, taking these Rain's "FOODS", is just as the magical therapeutic approach, the most natural "CLEANSE - REPLENISH - BUILD" concept to manage our journey of health.

Another aspect, we need to understand that the concept of Rain Intl is absolutely not putting "Health" as the first priority (and ignoring our will on making Career as our concentration), and positioning our Career matters then. Rain instilled Rain Partners to look at and implementing the "Health" and "Career", side by side or alongside. We are looking forward to the joy of after successful career achievement, together with a healthy body. We do not want to become another society world's richest man, that without a healthy body and healthy family!

Meaning that, we should not regard "Health" as a first priority, and ignoring the "Career" matters,  neither to opt one. Therefore, we should implement both side by side with each other, to achieve a balanced outcome.

Rain is simply a unique opportunity for you to have such an extraodinary "FOODS", and a career opportunity.

The series & opportunities will still be doubted by some, because it is the public's perception on our Network Marketing (MLM) mode of business. But, because of you knowing us personally, you can definately rest assured to have a shot or try. We are running the Rain business in ethical and humane base.  Therefore, whatever you purchase (even you purchase with doubts) is definitely a value for money, and definately will not be costly, and time-consuming. As for the speed of your body effect on consuming the products, it is subject to personal physical and health condition. However, this will not be an overnight matter, and it needs long-term maintenace (but it is an optional or of your choices). As long as you care to give yourself some time, you will definately be a "Healthier You".

As long as you would spend a little bit more of your time exploring further on us at and, you will definately understand what are we talking about the uniqueness of the Rain's products and its career opportunity !