Dr. Fernando Diaz

Neurosurgeon, Ph.D., MD, Lawyer, Speaks 7 Languages

Dr. Diaz is recognized worldwide for his treatment of brain aneurysms and vascular disease of the head and neck. He is one of only several neurosurgeons in Michigan skilled in radiosurgery using the advanced technology Gamma knife for the treatment of tumors and other abnormalities. Listed among the best surgeons in the United States, Dr. Diaz is a frequent speaker to audiences around the world on advanced neurosurgical procedures and treatments.

Dr. Diaz has held prominent positions of leadership including his current role of Professor and Chairman Neurological Surgery Department for both Beaumont University School of Medicine and William Beaumont Hospitals. He is also a lawyer and holds a master’s degree in Administration, and has previously served in the United States Air Force.

Dr. Jennifer C. Cather 

MD Dermatologist. Clinical Research MD, Anderson. Over 175 clinical research trials.

Jennifer C. Cather, MD began her extensive education at the University of Texas where she received her BA in Chemistry. She continued her education and went on to obtain her Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas. After completing an Internship in Internal Medicine at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, she completed a Clinical Research Fellowship at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center along with a residency in Dermatology at the University of Texas—Houston Medical School. She currently is the Medical Director at Modern Dermatology and Modern Research Associates in Dallas, TX, and is licensed to practice medicine in both Texas and California. In addition to management roll, she has also been an investigator in more than 175 clinical research trials in the areas of psoriasis and cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma.

Dr. Christina Cook
>> About her... and Again !!

Ph.D., M.S. Harvard/MIT labs at Biogen training through MSL program. National Institute of Health award winner. Research Scientist.

Received Bachelor, Masters of Science and a Doctorate Degree surrounding the Sciences. She has conducted clinical, research, and science leadership, management and leadership for multiple public and private Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Nutraceutical, and Health care companies. She has service on for profit and not for profit Boards of Directors and Executive Boards to apply strategic direction surrounding sales, marketing, clinical research, science, and medical needs. Dr. Cook has been CEO for multiple networks of providers and healthcare groups.