RAIN INTERNATIONAL is a base of " SEED CATEGORY " for its products (presently Soul, Core, Form and Fused) and it is not simply any seeds, and it is in a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM / NETWORK MARKETING) as its commercial base, of Nutritional Supplement "Food". Rain is not a Pharmaceutical (Drug Manufacturer), but only a Supplement Manufacturer. Rain provides a nutritional benefits to our body, which can be easily obtained by masses (not any certain groups, but simply a masses), as well as the ability to participate Rain's business, and,  Rain still able to earn a commercial profit to maintain its operation, such a Win - Win situation to all parties.

Rain persists with not only a belief of "Natural & Original", but also a "Wholesome" (Rain doesn't believe in "Extraction" or any Singular Nutrients), does not add any prohibited or allowed, drugs and food additives, and further, Rain insists on not using genetically modified component (GMO). Rain also picks organic components (seeds), to ensure that the product is free from any possible harmful chemical existence. Additionally, inspite of the higher expenditures and the cumbersome procedures, the plant insists on using the Cold Press technology, and not any cheaper "High Temperature" process, which is a nutrition destruction (Nutritional Benefits First, Profit Then).

With all these advantages, Rain has implemented a 3 steps, "Detox - Replenish - Build" ideas to strengthen the body development - Health.

It is even more awesome, that the CEO, Mr. BYRON P. BELKA insists on complying the stringent standards set by various agencies, though some certifications are not required by "SUPPLEMENT PLANT", such as GMP certification.

Recent TV health programmes with a subject of "A carrot of 50 years ago and now" shows a previous nutritional values of foods to a serious (yes, a very serious matter !) decreas compare to the present moment. This is why the present day, we need an "Outstanding" nutritional supplement products, as part of our daily nutritional supplement. That is why so many nutritional products booming out. With that, Rain implements a series of health nutritional food products, to benefit the masses, and also providing the masses with a great career opportunity, and still having Rain to be in profit, a Win-Win situation for all.

In a business point of view - Rain choose not to carry out a traditional marketing methods, and decide to go through the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM / NETWORK MARKETING) as a way of marketing its product series, because the founder and current CEO, Mr. BYRON P. BELKA, himself, is an outstanding elite person in the field of direct sales (has been an financial independent person in MLM). This approach can save much of the operating costs, and can effectively benefit to the masses (whether it is consumer or a business person / distributor) interests. Products promotion and marketing awareness is a commercial benefits consideration - this marketing approach can effectively expand, and has been expanded this aspect of the considerations. To date, this approach has been certified an effective way of ushering the masses' financial freedom, prompting them into their today's monthly income from their previous annual income, it is amazing !!

Under the BYRON's leadership and management, Rain has securely entered its fifth year (2016) of operation, very solidly and fast rooted in the market place. With his many years of experience in MLM industry, he is very well aware of what is distributors' pro and con issues, thus he created a very generous compensation plan for the masses. He used to say, "By Distributor For Distributor".

It shows that we are very fortunate to come across such a wonderful opportunity, as a Rain Partner (RP), so that we can secure more than 50% of the company's business revenue, through the compensation plan(Rain Profit System) - This is a very powerful compansation plan in MLM industry.

In addition, Mr. BYRON never forget those who are not able to come into contact with Rain in whatever way, and they still able to benefit from Rain's SEED FOR CHANGE charity, founded by Mr. BYRON. Rain has brought all RPs close to this charity move, by indirectly participating in the such meaningful and blessing activities. In short, you as a Rain Partner (distributor), while promoting the Rain business opportunity and product series, you are able to directly benefits your local country region.

From all these points mentioned, it proves and assures that we can peacely & safely, operate and consume the Rain's business and products  - this is Rain Intl and  a group of crazy people, creating this wonderful opportunity. Catching the train, travel to the less travelled journey now.