QUADRANT CASHFLOW....by Robert Kiyosaki

Working for others and earn a salary, the pursuit of security, stability, fear of risk. Earn income through work, spending out the earned money, no assets.

(self-employed, professional skilled, freelancers, small business owners) : 
With a certain expertise and work to make money for themselves, pursuit of perfection, will not easily entrust others, such as, doctors, lawyers ...... and so on. They also earn income through work, possesses (buying) a "Liabilities" what they considered to be assets, and then repay the debt (loan), spending out what they earned, they also have no assets.

(business owners, employers, boss) : 

Having a good enterprising system, regarding the risk as a challenge, a problems solver and earn through problems solving, believing in Other People's Time (OPT) as well as Other People's Money (OPM) to work and earn for them, a source of corporate earnings.


Letting money work for them, sources of income are a variety of investment, with the money to generate even more money.

They earn from purchasing assets, then purchase the asset through their income earned from other assets, keep continuing this cycle (duplication), ultimately it will create a wealth, and achiveving a financial freedom (residual income / passive income), without further working.

So, people can really achieve financial freedom, is not by working, nor money(finance), but the assets, which bring a steady stream of cash flow.

"Assets" is which to put money into your pocket, while "Liabilities" is to spend out the money from your pocket. The difference between these two cash flow patterns, conclude a varying wealth results.

Simple emphasis - "Let the money work for you."
The E and S status, does not achieve financial freedom. We should be at the B and I status to achieve the goal.

Note - once again we could disregard, "Housing equal to  Assets". All what we believe that housing is an assets, is actually a liability - such as a rental of the housing, to offset the cost of the renting house, and produce positive cash flow, could be considered "Assets", but most people do not aware this, in addition to their monthly loan payment, they still need to pay for utilitise like water bill, electricity, property management fees, maintenance fees and so on, and it will not generate any positive income flow, it is  just a "Liability".

In short we could categorise into the following :

1) Employments (Active) 95% popularity - E & S

2) Businesses (Passive) 5% popularity - B & I

It is very clear that the Business category of 5% popularity is the only way of "REAL" achievement, be a Businessman or an Investor.

The only problem in your head, may be, where to get the fund (capital) for the business or investment ??

That is why we are here.

You only need a very clear minded (Psychological Factors) to achieve your dreams effectively -

Manage your "Reasons" (Excuses)
like 「Busy / No Time」,「No Fund/Money」etc (Complicate the Simplicity).... think carefully and sincerely「What can we do on this ?」,Become、Lets Do It、Get It」、「Is not how,But why—— Having Dreams, then Implement it, lastly we achieve our dreams - financial independence. With only HOW is not enough to usher your goals, it should comes along with your DREAMS. Finalise the way/direction without just listening to others, controlled by others.

Make a good intention lies for a better future—— Instead of worrying「If do it this way, what will be the result ?」,It's better to emphasize on your dreams, be self-motivated and clear positive minded.

In the modern monetary world, the pursuit of material comforts, is common and granted. Therefore, pursue with ethical and humane, alongside with the sources stated above.

It is definately no doubt that the source of 95% popularity may be the most acceptable way of living, but it is not the most longing way, especially to your dreams. That's why most of us finally will give up our dreams.

Therefore, you should make a daring decision in life for a GOOD try on the 5% popularity source. Sometimes, it is too early to say "Impossible" if we don't keeping the "Possible" with us, in mind and beliefs.

Why we should be more daring for a "Passive" and not simply an "Active" ??? Check out and be more hopeful on your income...right with us now !