To All Malaysian Rain Partners,

For the safety of our Rain Partners in Malaysia, we are suspending the use of all online credit card transactions. We are taking extensive measures to protect Rain Partners against any fraud or other insecurities for the time being.

Though we are taking these protective measures, this does not suspend the purchase of products. Rain Partners still be able to order with credit card, but it is now a must to be done through customer service contact - +6017 8787 948.

The most secure form of electronic payment is online bank deposit; using this method of payment will ensure proper security for both you and the company.

In order to create a bank deposit order, login to your back office at Follow the existing steps to create an order (Place Order) and then choose the “Bank Deposit” as your payment option. Once selected, continue on with the order process. You will reach the “Order Confirmation” page, next to payment instructions, where a blue link will appear, telling you to click on for bank deposit instructions. In order for your order to be processed, you must click on that link and follow the latest bank-in instructions. Once the bank deposit has been completed, please indicate your Name, ID No, Tel No, Order No on the Bank Deposit Slip and email to . Once we received your email, your order will be processed and batched out for delivery on the next working day.

Rain Intl apologizes for any inconvenience this might cause, but we do stress that this is for proper security of our Rain Partners. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

【Bank Transfer Instruction】

In order for Rain to process all bank-in transaction faster and more efficiently, we request that all inter-bank and intra-bank payment to use this new bank-in format.

In the "Recipient Reference" please enter the prefix "OID" and follow by your Order ID number.

And in the "Other Payment Details", please enter the prefix "RPID" then follow by your Rain Partner ID number.

We also would like to request that payments be make for each order individually instead of lumping in one large sum for multiple orders.

Recipient reference: OID 125687
Other payment details: RPID 105053


为了我们马来西亚的安雨合作伙伴的保障,我们暂停使用所有在线的信用卡交易。 我们正在采取广泛措施,保护伙伴们免受任何欺诈或其他不安全的影响。

虽然我们正在采取这些保护措施,但并未因此而暂停您的订购服务。 如您选择使用信用卡作订购,就必须通过+6017 8787 948的客户服务电话线获得信用卡订购服务。

电子支付最安全的形式就是网上银行支付(Online Banking);使用这种付款方式比较能够确保您和公司的保障。

为了开启银行支付订购模式,请您登录。 按照之前已有的步骤开启“订单”,然后选择“银行支付”作为您的付款方式。 一旦选择了,继续您的订单过程。 您会来到“订单确认”的页面,在此也附带一个蓝色的链接点,说明付款详情,请点击此处查看银行支付的说明和指示。 您只需遵照此银行支付指示即可。银行支付完成后,请在银行支付单据上注明您的姓名(Name),会员号(ID No), 联络号码(Tel No),订单号(ORDER ID),并发送电邮至。 一旦我们收到您的电邮,您的订单才会受处理,并在下一个工作日出货。

对于因此可能造成的任何不便,安雨深表歉意,但安雨强调,这是为了让安雨合作伙伴们获得适当的安全保障。 感谢您在这件事上的合作,我们感谢您的耐心和理解。






收件人参考 - OID 125687
其他付款详情 - RPID 105053