How long would you want to live, if you would make sure, that you will have a healthy body in your whole lifetime?

I am convinced that there is a lightning moment in the life of all of us, when we have to choose: what we could do to avoid all those illnesses, to get back on our own feet and redeem our health and wealth. To live a life where we can live comfortable and feeling good all the day, and every day.

Did you sometimes making thoughts about that:

in the modern world and in the most of the civilized countries of the world appearing all kinds of the medical problems more and more in the younger ages, meanwhile there are living people among us e.g. of some ethnic groups (just as the Hunza-people in Asia) who reach the age of 100 years and beyond?

Compared to this in the civilized countries it will bee soon a miracle to reach people their 80th birthday in a good state of health.

What is the reason of that?

This is proven clearly, that these are the type of our food and the way of living.

We all know, that we personally have just a very little influence over the air pollution, the purity of our water, poisoning the land, but YES …. it depends only on us ourselves what foods we choose to eat every day. Our responsibility is to set a good example to our children choosing the good food they eat regularly.

So, that said, it is very important to take our food under daily inspection. First, we have to look at what we eat must have a good nutritional value, because the cause of most diseases are the consuming of inadequate nutrient food.

As a ground breaking rule, we could say that we have to reach back to the eating habits of our great-grandparents, where they certainly consumed no processed foods (made by the food industry) or frozen/semi-finished products. They ate only natural-based, so called living food. There is no problem with this, if you find a proper place, where the best quality food can be obtained.

When you take a short look at some food and you can’t tell right away what natural components it contains, than there is better choice not to eat them.

But, why is not enough today to consume regularly fruits and vegetables?

That’s because the vitamin and mineral content of the fruits and vegetables was reduced to – 70% for the past 20 years. Therefore, to inject a sufficient amount of the vitamins and minerals in our body it should be eaten  at least 3-4 kg from these in every day.

Can you manage this today?

I know that today we can take just limited amounts, and almost nothing useful gets into our body through the smaller vital ingredients of nowadays processed foods.

This is the reason that today – if whether you believe  – we have a variety of nutritional supplements. But there is a better way : it is much better to consume functional foods. (Functional foods are foods which are proven to improve better health effect on the body.)

THEREFORE,  we need the most powerful natural immune booster, the most powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging to optimise our health. Rain creates a unique category in the market, the first category ever, focusing on SEEDS (of the plants) and it is produced with the Cold-Press technology. As a result, the process can, not only, to preserve the nutrients, but has a much higher "drug" content like other parts of the fruits and vegetables. Most importantly,  all these seed ingredients is non-GMO, which cause more use of chemicals & pesticides during the planting.

Why do we need to supply our body with Antioxidant?

The free radicals can clearly be neutralized with antioxidants.

A variety of studies have been done and are being done even today with antioxidants and correlations of various illnesses. You should be aware of the fact, that may be there is now a much greater need to consume good foods rich in natural antioxidants than ever before.

And if we can not provide our body with the good quality daily fruits and vegetables – and unfortunately we already can’t do this regularly, as it turned out above – you have no other choice but to take those products, formulations that contains the recommended daily amount of the fruits and vegetables our body would need to function properly.

Why do we need Essential Fatty Acids?

Because these polyunsaturated fatty acids are indispensable for many physical and neurological functions of your body. Our body can not produce these omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids – however, if they are regularly brought into our body, it will be able to produce the omega 9.

With these, we have a complete Omega 3, 6 & 9.

If you do not provide your body with the “good fats”, this will not only cause the trophy of your brain, but also occurs a nutrient deficiency in the body, which leads to various serious diseases, over time.

As cell membranes are built up of 55% of the “good fats”, so if you do not consume “good fats”, then the body cells may not function properly.

Nowadays, also the younger generation has the problem of the so called “sticky or acidic” blood, the blood platelets are sticking together because of the too much "bad fats" & "acidic diet", and excessive sugar consumption. However, the essential fatty acids are able to dissolve them, resulting a better blood circulation, more oxygen to the brain, improving cerebral functions!

Again,  60% part our brains consist of fat. If this 60% are in a form of “bad fats”, they will be harden, causing a variety of inflammation and that will cause a lot of pain/sickness in the body. However, if we replace this with the “good fat”, these problems are eliminated in time !

By choosing and creating our daily meal we have to feed our brains well too – think about it by compiling our meals.

Today, the researchers collected at least 50 food nutrients which are necessary to preserve our health. Rain International picked up a few of these to get the right proportions – to ensure we are putting together the necessary daily nutrient intake. Regular consumption of the Rain's Soul, and other series, lifestyle changes, you can access to a significant improvement in your quality of life, happening in time.

Check out how the flagship can do for your live and life,  and of course,  in Health and in Wealth too.