Have you got positive experiences with Soul & our other flagship ?

Would you gladly recommend the product series to friends ?

Would you be more glad getting your Free products by encouraging your friends to consume them ?

Would you be happy to earn a regular income with reffering these ?

If your answer is "YES" for all the questions, you can now listen carefully, because I’ll tell you exactly, why should you promote this unique seed category !

What should you do?

Just sit back and imagine that you were at a nice restaurant where the service is great and the food is the best quality to your greatest satisfaction.

So, liking the place to invite your friends there.

And one of them may go there from the time regularly for lunch.

What if the restaurant would pay you for showing this place to your friends ?

Not a high odds !
But your friends might have never been there if you do not recommend them.

This is a huge difference between recommending a restaurant and recommending Rain.

If you recommend,
you may get Free consumption &
Accidentally get paid !

Do not panic, or doubtful,  you are not selling, or door to door. Analyse & authenticate this carefully !

Quite simply what we have to do : the same what you’ve done so far, but just didn”t get any benefits at all, free products or earning.

Rain offers you a Free and pays out 50% of their revenues from week to week and divides it between the business partners, as well.

With this form of distributing can be bypass the wholesale and retail networks, and must not have to spend on advertising etc.
The referrals to the product – the distributors – who are directly coming into contact with consumers – are able to provide much more personalized information to a better service for the visitors.

Let’s take a look at it, how many Free products you could get and how much income is to be derived from the promotion of this product :

What if you just refer the Soul to friends and if they begin to consume, then you would get a Free products and a nice commission ?

Would you be happy about if your friends would be so satisfied with the Soul & others that he would promote to others too – now you may even get additional Free and may also receive a certain amount from this another level of new cosumers ?

Would you like it, to see the Free and commissions coming in from referring friends, whom you did not even know? But this can easily happen to you as a friend of a friend, and his acquaintances no longer be sure that you know personally. Here you get the Free or / and, a commission after their consumption, too.
The more people there are in your group through their own recommendations and the recommendations of friends is, the more Free & commission you receive.

If people in your group to grow your income, then you ‘ll be a higher commission or you are also interested financially in getting the people’s growth in your group, that business partners increase your incomes.
Do you think you may want to call your attention to the fact that not only consume, but also recommend the product to friends and acquaintances?

When did you get last a 13th monthly salary?
Anyway, did you get anything like this before?
We do not have to wait for another year, as 3% of the revenues from week to week is split between the business partners. You may find that you have this kind of a bonus is enough to ensure that the following monthly product for yourself.
If the traffic in your group reaches a certain level, then Rain will pay off for you in a higher fixed amount, because it means that you are helping your colleagues intensively .
You might now be thinking that this is just a fairy tale! I’m just gonna say this to me seemed impossible too at the first time.

When will you get use from the comissions I mentioned above?

If you consume Soul regularly (no problem: monthly free pack is available)

If you recommend more friends to Soul & others (with just 2 referrals you may be active and no more loose of your commissions)

Join us to become our business partner !

If you would like to promote the Soul & others flagship, get the Frees,  and would be happy to earn with this, you can join us.
Contact us to know how,  discuss with us,  or directly join HERE.