This is not a new enrollment purchase option. The Founders Club Pak is mainly for Rain Partners who is really kin to develope Rain business to a higher level of income. This pak is long available in USA & Europe, but it is now officially launched in Asia for individual market countries.
Announcing the Founders Club in Malaysia !!!
The Founders Club is a pak for pioneer Rain Partners to join, so that they can enjoy a lifetime benefits like (to mention few) 3% pool sharing and a future Rain Retirement Plan.
Every countries is entitled for only limited RP to join. In Malaysia, it is limited to ONLY 200 RP to join, which is now open to you, a serious RP you !!
Once we reach the 200 RP in The Founders Club, it will be closed and no more such offer to RP in future. Therefore grab it if you are serious and kin to achieve a "Good Earner" status in your near future.
Any further enquiry, please make it quick to enquire and join, otherwise you will be regret soon.