"KILLER" fats are what we hear so much about recently, with large numbers of people becoming scared and turning to low fat diets. Little do they know, they are also decreasing their intake of the healing fats that are required for life. Improper low fat diets, useful for atherosclerosis, can kill you over the long term. You may not feel it, but it will be an obvious effect at older age, time to come.

Children are especially vulnerable to damage from low fat diets. To balance the one-sided view on fats, we must talk about Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs): an adequate supply of HEALING fats is even more important to health than the avoidance of KILLER fats.

Like vitamins, EFAs are essential to health. Older literature, in fact, refers to them as vitamin F. Vitamins and EFAs are essential for the following reasons:

We must have them to live and to be healthy.
Our bodies cannot make them from other substances.
We must obtain an adequate supply from external sources – from food or from supplements.
Deficiency results in gradual deterioration of cells and tissues, and ultimately, in death.
Increasing the intake to adequate levels reverses the signs brought about by deficiency.
This definition of essentiality reflects the fact that essential nutrients perform key functions in our cells and tissues that the body cannot live without.

Special Properties Of EFAs -
While EFAs are like vitamins in their essentiality, they differ in other respects. Vitamins are required in very small amounts (a few mg per day) whereas EFAs are macronutrients, necessary in grams per day. EFAs are perishable, deteriorating rapidly when exposed to light, air, heat and metals. Unlike vitamins, EFAs cannot be dried, powdered and stored for several years. EFA sensitivity makes careful processing and freshness extremely important.

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