Did you know that all of Rain’s products undergo rigorous quality control ? Rain's products are the best available all-natural seed-based category on the market due to Rain's high standards of certification.

These are some of our achievements :

1) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified

2) Certified GMO Free Ingredients

3) NSF Certified Company

4) Brunswick Labs Certified

5) WADA Certified

6) Halal Certified

7) An Official Natural Health Product of Canada

8) Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) cartified - SOUL, CORE & FORM

These are the incredibly important certifications that validate the quality with which we produce our products. Each of our powerful supplements, and of course with other series to come, designed to revitalize, cleanse, and build, are all backed by one of the most prestigious, quality-control organizations in the world.

The achievements not only serve as another validation to reinforce our company's good name, and also Rain Partners' confidence, further, they also give consumers, and potential Rain distributors the confidence on higher standard set for the product series.

Going forward, as you consume, share, and present the products, your confidence in their effectiveness, quality, and purity can be firm. We truly attempt to create products that are highly impactful and benefit specific areas of your body in such a way that is safe, clean, and of high quality.

All documents in black and white, proved to you everything. If an advertisement can convince your trust on the products, what about a solid documents, and a real body person, can make you more trust-worthy ??