We are proud to announce that our Soul, Core and Form have been BSCG certified.

This is an incredibly important certification that, again, validates the quality with which we produce our products.

The BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group) is an organization that has its foundation rooted in 30+ years of experience as a leader in Olympic and professional sport drug testing.

The BSCG itself was founded in 2004, by anti-doping pioneer Don Catlin, M.D., his son, industry leader, Oliver Catlin, and respected attorney Ryan Connollin.

They are among some of the most respected names in the anti-doping industry.

Though their history has been long in this industry, and they have approved over 2,000 products, Soul is the first product that they are publicly endorsing on their own social media channels.

This means a number of important things :

• Rain's SOUL, CORE & FORM have met the rigorous, gold stand the BSCG has set.
This is not easy to achieve, and validates the the quality of our products.

• Part of Rain series are now backed by one of the most robust supplement protection program available today.

• Part of Rain series now stand alongside a prestigious group of a little more than 2,000 products that have been tested and certified by BSCG.

• Their testing covers more than 483 drugs, including 272 drugs from WADA and an additional 211 over-the-counter and illicit drugs.

Most of our series have now been clinically tested and does not carry any of these harmful substances.

• The protocol to pass BSCG's stringent, gold standard test also include 21 CFR 111 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality control process review, raw material ingredient and supplier review, and a general toxicology assessment, which identifies and quantifies potential toxins.

3 Rain serues have also passed this quality portion of their tests, supplying even more confidence in the standard and quality of our products.

3 Rain series now stand in a unique position: alongside a select number of products who have BSCG's Gold Standard, but completely alone with a public endorsement.

These prestigious achievements not only serve as another validation to reinforce our company's good name, but they also give consumers, partners, and potential members of the Rain Family the confidence that our products meet a higher set of standards.







As we have announced on 2016, July 27 that RAIN SOUL has been certified by the Prohibited Substances Control Organization (BSCG). This is an extremely important proof of the quality of the products Rain produces.Today, we are even more  honored to announce that our series RAIN CORE and RAIN FORM are also both certified by the Prohibited Substances Control Organization (BSCG).This means that this range of our products is a strong product line that is towards rejuvenating, cleansing and rebuilding health, all of which are recognized by one of the world's most prestigious and well-known quality management organizations.

This is a certification that allows us to be proud to announce. The Banned Material Control Organization (BSCG) is an organization with more than 30 years of experience in the field of Olympic and Professional Sports drug testing.

BSCG was established in 2004 by anti-doping pioneer, Don Catlin, M.D., who is also the son of the industry leader Oliver Catlin, assiciated with a respected lawyer Ryan Connollin. They are the most respected people in the field of anti-doping. Today, the certifications of our series, RAIN CORE and the RAIN FORM (and together with the previous certified RAIN SOUL), showing that they support and trust on our series.

This also means miscellaneous important matters:
• RAIN SOUL、RAIN CORE、and RAIN FORM has individually met the rigorous of the gold standard laid out by BSCG.

This is not easily achieved, but it proudly confirms that the high quality of our series.

• RAIN SOUL, RAIN CORE & RAIN FORM presently has fully supported and recognised by the most stable and reputable health care protected products  body.

• RAIN SOUL, RAIN CORE & RAIN FORM are now proudly standing side by side, with more than 2,000 products which is recognised by BSCG.

• BSCG covers more than 483 drugs, including 272 lists in the international anti-doping agencies (WADA STANDARD) and further an additional 211 lists of non-prescription and illegal drugs. RAIN CORE and RAIN FORM (including previously certified RAIN SOUL) have been clinically tested and confirmed to contain no hazardous substances that are prohibited.

• The scientific experimental program to be tested by the BSCG's rigorous gold standard also includes the 21 CFR 111 Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP STANDARD) - which is one of the required specifications for prescription pharmaceutical products and health supplement products. GMP quality assures proper process review, raw material composition and supplier review, and general toxicological assessment to identify and quantify potential toxins. RAIN SOUL, RAIN CORE, and RAIN FORM has each gone through the relevant quality testing, to further confirm that their product standards and quality.

These two prestigious additional achievements not only confirm and strengthen the company's reputation, but also to consumers, partners, and the future Rain family members / partners on our RAIN series, to achieve higher standards and more confident to look at. In the future, when you continue to enjoy, share and present these product lines, your confidence in their benefits, quality and purity will be more determined and confident.

We look forward to research and development and production of highly influential products, in a safe, effective and high quality conditions to help you in your wellnesses. BSCG on the RAIN CORE and RAIN FORM (including the previous certified RAIN SOUL) certification and make us a big step towards the goal set.

With this, you can be very proud of, and rest assured, to promote  such a series to your friends and family members ; further to this introduction, it may even benefits them to so many other gains !


BSCG is the industry standard in testing and certifying supplements and supplement manufacturers.

The BSCG Certified Drug Free® program tests for 272 drugs banned in sport. This offers security to athletes and professionals across the spectrum of WADA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, WNBA, PGA, LPGA, MLS, ATP, WTA, FIFA, FINA, AFL, NRL, NASCAR, UFC, CrossFit, NCAA, military, law enforcement, and other drug-testing programs. 

BSCG is the only certification provider to cover an additional 211 prescription, over-the-counter, and illicit drugs not banned in SPORT, which provides further consumer protection from other means of potential contamination.

" SOUL samples ( further to the recent certified RAIN CORE & RAIN FORM ) were tested by BSCG for a complete list of drugs prohibited by many professional and collegiate sports organizations and other drug-testing programs, and no prohibited compounds were detected. " stated Oliver Catlin, President of BSCG, in Los Angeles. "Now, SOUL packaging can carry the BSCG Certified Drug Free® seal to show consumers that Rain and its products meet rigorous quality standards above and beyond industry requirements." 

All BSCG certified products with their specific lots can be found online in a regularly updated database at .

Even though supplement use is on the rise, according to industry trends, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) does not test the majority of supplements. Untested products can be dangerous, and athletes are held accountable for any banned substance found through drug tests, regardless of its origin. No BSCG Certified Drug Free® product has ever resulted in a failed drug test.

"In this day and age, we have to be very careful about what we take into our bodies," said Belka. "A significant number of people take supplements on a consistent basis, so we do everything possible to ensure that our products are 100% safe and effective."

BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group) is a highly regarded third-party dietary supplement certification provider developed and run by renowned sports anti-doping pioneer Don Catlin, M.D., and his son, respected industry executive Oliver Catlin.

Rain International, LLC ("Rain"), is the innovator and distributor of seed-based wellness products. Rain is changing nutrition by going back to the source of all nutrition: non GMO Seeds. This unique source of Whole nutrition is at the center of every product Rain offers.