Rain4Soul (R4S)
Rain4Soul (R4S), is an independent Distributor (Rain Partner) of RAIN INTERNATIONAL, an USA corporate company, based in Utah, a World Leader In Seed Nutrition, conducting its business in Network Marketing (MLM); started in 2011.

RAIN INTERNATIONAL is the original creator of seed-based nutrition. RAIN's teams have gone to the sources of plant nutrition to formulate products proven to support healthy lives.

RAIN's mission is to improve the masses by providing superior wellness products through seed-based nutrition.

RAIN's very first product is SOUL, which is such an amazing potent nutrients & consuming feedbacks !

At present RAIN has marketed with....


and FORM

The above
SUPERFOOD series bring you to the Optimal Health of Life !

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RAIN INTERNATIONAL is more than the products they sell. From the beginning, RAIN set out to make changes to improve the world around us starting with the health industry, and moving beyond its borders into global sustainability, education initiatives, elevated lifestyles, and more. RAIN believes that the ultimate human experience we all crave is within everyone's reach, and RAIN does not mind leading the way. 

RAIN has helped to solve the world nutrition problem by creating a new category of supplement  based not on one exotic plant while  neglecting others but upon the principle that all edible plants have nutrition to offer. This new category is seed-based nutrition and it taps into the most concentrated form of nutrition in any plant - it's seeds. Our products contain some of the most studied seed ingredients for maximum health benefits.

RAIN's contemporary science shows that the healing properties of BLACK  CUMIN are due to various compounds found within the protective shell of the seed, such as Lipids, Enzymes, and Antioxidants, plus a very powerful compound called THYMOQUINONE (we call it TQ in short). So in a nut-shell - no pun intended - that is our story. We use seeds as the foundation of our products. Try them and find out for yourself what our seed-based formulations can really do for your health.

RAIN lab-tests their products to make sure they do what they claim to do for people. Independent bioanalytical laboratories serving the nutraceutical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, have found RAIN's to be effective nutritional supplements that promote health and vitality.

RAIN INTERNATIONAL is an instrument for you to make a difference, whether it is leading a life infused with nutrition and vitality or building a business opportunity for yourself - we are a family. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER !

RAIN was created by those who know and understand the business. They were once in the shoes that the Rain Partners are in now, and, because of that, have created RAIN's entire business model to benefit and build the Rain Partners. Every new customer becomes part of a family-like culture, one that is dedicated wholly to helping them realise their goals, succeed, grow as a person, and eventually, become financially independent. In our continual effort to do this, strategic partnership with manufacturing, research and development, and coding companies have been established to create possibilities that other companies are not privy to. Many partnership are clise to our corporate office, making communication fast, and our relationship strong. This ensures that everything we do is up to our standard of excellence.  

RAIN has products that work. RAIN has been built from the ground up, on the foundation of RAIN's one-of-kind products that RAIN has created. These products created a brand new category within the health world. One that still has not been entirely exploded. There is a horizon of potential and possibility that RAIN can't wait to tap into. RAIN has created a revolution, which has made RAIN's foundation solid, wide, and big enough to build upon forever upward and onward. It is a product that RAIN believes in, and that  RAIN's distributors can believe in as well.

RAIN's vision is different. It is not just about taking the path of least resistance, it isn't about finding a comfortable niche that you can sink into and fade away in. No, for RAIN, life is about growth, it's about passion, and it's about development . Becoming part of RAIN isn't just something that will change your checking account, it is something that will change your method of thinking, feeling and becoming. RAIN's satisfaction comes when RAIN sees those ideas infused in the hearts of RAIN PARTNERS

RAIN's opportunity is a Lifestyle Opportunity ...... RAIN is a Lifestyle Creator.

RAIN has created a non-profit foundation, SEEDS FOR CHANGE (S4CF), which supplies portable water via wells for villages around the world, with the seeds and tools to grow their own food. RAIN believes in sustainability for the earth and self sufficiency to the people. RAIN also sponsor those who are pursuing a better life for themselves and others.

Think about who you are and what you want out of life? Are you seeking improved health?  May be you are looking to run a business to either supplement your income or turn into  a new career to provide a living. Are you somebody who is looking to break status quo or in the world ? Check out the many ways we might be a part of your pursuit of happiness by browsing  from www.rainintl.com or enquire through R4S.

By the year 2013, RAIN INTERNATINAL had already spread across the  North American, USA, Canada, UK, European and  Asian continents. In Asia alone,  RAIN INTERNATINAL has extended its reach to a number of countries such as Taiwan, HongKong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines. We project, withthe help of our bright expectations and professional leadership, that RAIN INTERNATINAL will continue expanding until it has reached and diversified evety part of the world which coincides with the RAIN's vision and mission.

We name ourselves as SEEDLIVELINE because we are promoting and marketing a series of Products from RAIN, which is SEED-BASED.

RAIN's key ingredient is Black Cumin Seed, which is well known in Ancient & Present.
With the Ancient Wisdom & Present's Scientific Researches and Cold Press Technology, they have motivated RAIN to formulate its first product, SOUL.