Ancient people (even if only a few generations away) are convinced, believed and practised, but in modern day, people may regard all these ancestors' beliefs are outdated and superstitious.

However, some ancient beliefs and practises are undoubted at all, on its existences and values. Ancestors regarded the Black Cumin Seed as a treasure, and even recorded its abouts in thier religious holy bible, and also called on his followers to make use (consume) of it. In the modern, people regard these as backward ideas, old thinking, or superstitious.

Islamic Quran records the Black Cumin Seed, as "Cure any disease, except Death", thus we can see the charm of this seed like a magical elixir !

Christian Bible also recorded and called on followers to make good use of the seeds in their statement. More amazing is that the ancient Egyptian dynasty ethnic groups also have edible Black Cumin habits. Even more incredible is that they will put this seed as one of their buried for the deceased royal family, because they believed that this seed can accompany the deceased for a good health in the reborn world.

The medical profession and therefore found that these ancient bible records, which they believe and practise, are with valueable facts in science. Scientists start making their scientific researches towards the seed, and find that what they recorded are amazing !!

Scientists have finally found that Black Cumin Seed is not generally another common seeds category available in the market, which we believe, chasing and promote, but it is a very unimaginable seed ! The wisdom of ancestors, and today's scientific technology researches, has made Rain International to infuse the potency of Black Cumind Seed into its SOUL.

This alone is enough to prove their unique benefits, and none of the general seeds, of any kinds, can be replaced or compareable. Therefore, no matter how much our understanding of nutrition, or of no knowledges at all (it is ok wether you are professional or non-professional), with the ancient wisdom and present's scientific researches, it is clear that these powerful benefits and its nutritional contains is in SOUL. We only just need to know the benefits of this Black Cumin Seed, plus, additionally, the seriousness of RAIN INTERNATIONAL on its manufacturing process of the SOUL. We just rest assured, peace of mind, consuming a complete whole food nutrition.

RAIN not only extracted the seed oils (to do so would not be complete or wholesome, but a singular nutrients), but with the full ground seeds (including its cold-pressed oils and the seed residues - a complete component with the discovered & undiscovered nutritional components) infused into the SOUL. More unique is, RAIN complies a special cold press technology to its production process, avoiding the damage on the nutrients due to any temperature inccured during the process. Furthermore, RAIN is always practising a compliance with the stringent guidelines (certification) set forth from the respective institutions, and even further beyond their stringent standards level ! That is why we can be assured of a worry-free consumption of SOUL.

So, your purchase is absolute a "WHOLESOME FOOD" (It is complete), and will not be a singlular component or extraction. Remember, SOUL is vitally a Food, not Processed (Food) !!

We can assure you that RAIN SOUL is an absolutely great choice. A packet of SOUL will be able to replace most of your other nutritional supplements at home. With such a calculation, there would be no EXPENSIVE argument at all ?

The potency and beneficials of SOUL, is clear and undenied, we have no longer any reason to resist this blessing "WHOLESOME FOOD" !!

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