RAIN is a Lifestyle Creator ....... our life is Short and will end Fast in time. Therefore, RAIN fulfills our life with an option to gain the Health & Wealth, with only a  "3-Step" formula, before life comes to the end ........ so that we could enjoy a greater "Lifestyle" !!  


A 3-STEP  CLEANSE - REPLENISH - BUILD to gain a Well-Being Life - HEALTHY !!

Health-care is a process of body health maintainance of 3 - 6 months, to fully achieve a significant health results.

Stomach cells are renewed every 7 days,
Skin cells in 28 days,
Red blood cells in 120 days, and
Liver cells are renewed in every 180 days.
In about a year, 98% of the body's cells will be replaced once.
Bone cells are taking 7 years.

No matter what's your intention,
for beauty, weight loss, health enhancement, or otherwise,
it requires your patience and persistence.
Spare your body some time. 
You definately make yourself healthier & more beautiful !

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An easy-to-follow "3-Step" Formula, LIGHT - MEDIUM - BACK Earning to gain an INCOME ACHIEVEMENT, to your expectation.

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